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Strong & Reliable - for the Building & Construction Industry

11th January, 2017


Specifically formulated for building and civil engineering applications, TECHNIGLUE® R40 is a high-strength epoxy paste adhesive ideally suited for structural bonding of brick, ceramics, pre-cast concrete, natural stone and metals.

100% solids, solvent- free R40 has excellent chemical resistance and can be used successfully in cold, damp conditions.  The stiff, thixotropic consistency of the paste ensures excellent hold-up for trowelling  onto overhead or vertical repairs for concrete pipes, columns, stairs and other formed concrete structures.

With excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, an easy 1:1 mix ratio, and coloured resin and hardener to give a visual indicator of correct mix, TECHNIGLUE R40 will provide strong, reliable bonds for Industry users.

Available in 4 litre and 20 litre packs.

Suitable for Civil Engineering Use

• High Strength
• Excellent Adhesion
• High Chemical Resistance
• Non-Sag on Vertical Surfaces


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