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Founder of WEST SYSTEM products to present at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival in 2015

3rd October, 2014


Meade Gougeon, sometimes referred to as 'the Guru of Glue' is co-founder of Gougeon Brothers Inc. in Bay City, Michigan, and developer of WEST SYSTEM epoxy. Meade has an extensive background in boat building, epoxy formulation, competitive sailboat and DN iceboat racing, and has been at the leading edge of wood / epoxy composite construction for over 45 years.

In 1969, after meeting Herbert Dow, grandson of Dow Chemical Company founder and an avid sailor and ice-boater, Meade and brother Jan worked with several chemists at Dow to develop epoxy resin and hardener products that they could use as both an adhesive and a coating for wooden boat construction.

Then satisfied with epoxy's ability for both bonding and sealing wood, the brother's next goal was to solve one of wood's most difficult problems: its tendency to absorb moisture and swell.  It was well known in the industry that epoxy based technology had the potential to create a formidable moisture barrier, so with Dow's help, the brothers developed the formulations that became the basis of the WEST SYSTEM group of products that were introduced to the wooden boat construction market in 1971.

In 1972, Gougeon Brothers introduced the first WEST SYSTEM Technical Manual to help their customers understand the products, which were like none other on the market, and as they say ... the rest is history!

Today WEST SYSTEM is internationally recognised as the world's leading marine epoxy. 

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Take this rare opportunity to meet an industry legend, who has devoted his life to developing construction materials to increase the life-span of wooden boats, and join us in Hobart to listen to Meade speak on "Why Wood is a Competitive Engineering Material in the Composites World."

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