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Dahlar®125 Perforated Release Film is an economical film set with P3 perforations for use with wet-resin laminating in both vacuum bagging and release film applications. Dahlar®125 can be used for cures up to 125°C and will release from most resins associated with marine and recreational products.

Film Thickness-0.025mm   Width-1520mm   Roll Length-50Lm

Film Thickness-0.025mm   Width-1520mm   Roll Length-305Lm

Dahlar®125 Non- Perforated Release Film

Film Thickness-0.050mm   Width-1520mm   Roll Length-50Lm

Wrightlon 3700 Perforated Release Film is designed for low coast applications and will release from epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester resin systems. Wrightlon 3700 is good value for low to medium temperature applications.

Film Thickness-0.025mm   Width-1520mm   Roll Length-50Lm

Wrightlon 7400 Lay Flat Tube

Film Thickness-0.050mm   Width-915mm   Roll Length-50Lm

Film Thickness-0.050mm   Width-915mm   Roll Length-305Lm

Film Thickness-0.050mm   Width-1520mm   Roll Length-50Lm

Film Thickness-0.050mm   Width-1520mm   Roll Length-305Lm

Econobleed Breather/Bleeder is a non-woven polyester breather designed for ambient and oven cures. It is lightweight and very drapeable, conforming easily to contoured shapes. Econobleed is suitable for use with all types of resins including epoxy, polyester, vinyl ester and phenolic systems.

0-V724  Width-1450 mm    Roll Length - 24 Lm.

AIRWEAVE® N4 Breather/Bleeder is a good breather for low pressure cures and conforms well. It can be used as a bleeder at any pressure.

0-V728  Width-1520mm   Roll Length-91Lm

AT-200Y Sealant Tape delivers consistent and reliable performance for composite manufacturing with epoxy, vinylester or polyester resin systems. Tape width and thickness is optimised for hold-strength and ease of application. It has high tack and will release and clean up easily from metal and composite tool surfaces.   40 rolls per carton.

V720Y  Film Thickness-3.2mm   Width-12.7mm   Roll Length-7.6Lm