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Hammerhead RIB

Advanced Composite Systems the Philippines utilise modern materials and manufacturing processes to minimise weight while increasing the strength and durability in the Hammerhead RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) range.” Stable, wide-beam hulls, innovative deck layouts, first class engineering, and clean modern styling ensures that each Hammerhead stands out from the crowd. 

LOA 11 m
Beam 3.1 m
Draft 1 m
Passenger Capacity 11 persons
Fuel 600 L
Engines 2x 250 hp
Advanced Composite Systems www.hammerheadribs.com







Design Concept

ACS contacted ATL Composites to discuss engineering and materials for their new 10 metre RIB.  The smaller models use vinylester resin systems, however for the 10 metre, weight and structural performance were key parameters that ACS wanted to improve on. “With the world alerted to energy conservation, fuel prices and carbon footprints, we believe it’s time to build boats a little smarter.”

ATL assisted with materials and technical processing support for the construction of an epoxy mould capable of handling elevated post-cure temperatures for the new design,  and consulted on a suitable E-fibreglass laminate and composite core combination based on the design and performance parameters. Overall weight was to be kept to a minimum, however robustness was considered a key factor as the waterways in the Philippines are known for debris. 


Hull and deck construction is a combination of multi-axial knitted E-fibreglass fabrics with an optimised selection of foam cores for toughness and weight.  Divinycell® H80 used in the decks has a proven track record in marine applications and yields impressive mechanical properties making it ideal for applications subject to fatigue, slamming and impact loads, such as the high performance Hammerhead range. All cores were vacuum bagged into the moulds with ATL’s Techniglue® R35 Core Bedding adhesive allowing the fabricators to trowel the mixture into the moulds with suitable working time and to ensure a void free bond line. 

Hammerheads are manufactured in a strict QC environment using vacuum bagging, as well as open lay-up of reinforcements, and particular attention is paid to glass wet-out ratios to ensure optimum resin to fibre content. The Hammerhead 10 was laminated with KINETIX® R246TX Thixotropic Laminating resin with H160 Medium hardener ideal for providing extended working time in the fabrication of high strength, lightweight structures. While Techniglue R15 toughened adhesive,  typically used in the most critical bonding applications to provide superior peel strength, was used for bonding the hull stiffening grid into the hull and deck. 

Hammerheads are manufactured under strict supervision and the 10 metre has a displacement of 2720kg with a maximum speed of 55 knots with twin outboards, depending on the power options,

After producing a number of boats for pleasure use, Advanced Composite Systems was confident in the performance and toughness of the craft and has now supplied the Philippines Special forces with a military version.

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